The grapes are separately collected into boxes on reaching phenolic maturity and fermented with their skins which are macerated for 15-21 days. Fermentation takes place in cement vats at a temperature of 24°-28° C using selected yeasts.

Oenologist: Fabio Signorini

Production area: Central Western Tuscany, the hills of Vinci (Leonardo’s town)

Ground: Of sedimentary origin, sands with layers of clay/sand, sometimes with Chianti layered sandstone.


Exposition: South-South/West

Altitude: 90 meters above sea level.

Grapes Variety:  70% Sangiovese, 30% C. Sauvignon

Planting distance: 250×0.80

Type of farming: Runner system

Harvest: by hand from 1st to 10th October

Maturing: At the end of November the wine is put into French oak barriques of second pass ( Taste: definite and delicate flavor ) where it remains for a period of about 12 months. After bottling, the bottles are laid down for another six months before being commercialized.


Visual appearance: A lively ruby red with a good consistency.

Olfactory characteristics: Wide and varied with sensations which range from winy to red fruit like plums and spices like vanilla.

Taste: Full and enveloping, warm and persistent.