This wine is made from a blend of two international grape varieties, Viognier and Syrah. The grapes are vinified separately and then blended together at the end of fermentation.

Oenologist: Fabio Signorini

Wine-growing area: Central western Tuscany, hills of Vinci (City of Leonardo)

Soil: of sedimentary origin.


Exposure: South-westerly

Altitude: 90 to 150 above sea level

Varieties: 70% Syrah/30% Viognier

Planting density: 250 x 0.80 cm

Training system: Guyot

Grape harvest: The harvest is carried out in two different periods, the white grapes are harvested by hand only in the morning to maintain the freshness and aromas, harvest period from 5 September to 10 September. The red grapes are harvested by hand from 25 September to 10 October.

Vinification: After the white grapes have been harvested, they undergo soft pressing to separate the must from the skins. The white vinification is carried out with selected yeasts used for fermentation, which takes place in steel vats for a period of 10 days at a controlled temperature of 20/22° C.

The vinification of the red grapes is carried out in cement vats at a temperature of between 24/28° C, for a period of 15/21 days. The skins remain in contact with the must throughout the fermentation period, acquiring colour and fragrance, in addition to which, selected yeasts with varietal character are also used. At the end of fermentation, the two wines are blended.

Bottling: in April

Marketing: in May


Visual inspection: bright red colour

Olfactory examination: a riot of aromas given thanks to the Syrah characteristics of dark fruit such as blackberry, plum, currant, cherry, and raspberry, and the Viognier characteristics of lemon blossom, acacia flowers, gooseberry and apricot.

Taste examination: On the palate it has a good structure but at the same time is soft and young. It is recommended to serve the wine in large glasses to allow the development of the flavours and bouquet.

Pairings: pumpkin tortelli, ravioli with herbs and parmesan cheese, spaghetti with prawns and vegetables, vitello tonnato This wine is also recommended as an aperitif, and with fresh cheese, Pappa al Pomodoro, crostini, ham and salami platters, etc…